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     Purpose of Agro-Tourism:

Agro-tourism could be thought of as the crossroads of tourism and agriculture. Stated more technically, agro-tourism can be an commercial enterprise that links agricultural production or processing with tourism in order to attract visitors into a farm or other agricultural business for the purposes of entertaining and educating the visitors and generating income for the farm.

     Major Attraction for Agro-Tourism:

  • Our host institute, Shri Siddhagiri Math is having like a huge Rural Museum has been constructed, showing the ancient Indian culture, life style and daily farm activities in the village, which is rated as one of the 10 best Museums of the Country. It has monthly visit of about 18000 people. It goes high in vacations..
  • For showing the base of Indian agriculture, the Conservation and Protection of rare breed of indigenous cows is also an attraction where out of total 43 breeds of indigenous cow in India, we are having more than 22 rare indigenous cow breeds in our Goshala. Our Go-Shala is having more than 800 indigenous cows, both milking and stray cows. We have organized extensive Go-Parikrama programme in summer season, to impress upon the farmers importance of cow and its importance connection with the organic farming. It has monthly visit of about 4500-5000 farmers and getting benefits about indigenous cow management.
  • For learning and seeing organic farming at field we have 1 acre organic farming learning model for cultivating different field crops as well as fruits and vegetable crops. As KVK is promoting organic farming and it has a monthly visit of 700-800 peoples.
  • We are having a floral based garden “Siddhagiri Divine Garden” with special focus to promote the cultural heritage depicting by various modulation and statues in natural environment made up of floral arrangement. It has monthly visit of about 9000 peoples.
  • For showing pre independence era of freedom fight we have light and fountain show in Prerna Park.
  • Shri Siddhagiri Math is well known for its 1350 years old Ancient Shiv Temple which is unique and popular in Kolhapur.
  • We are having our large pond for fishing with boats for tourist attraction and created as place for night hault in village.
  • We are having different fruits crop plantation orchards including Mango, Guava, Banana, Sapota and Aonla and seating points for tourist.
  • Siddhagiri Math has been working in the field of indigenous education by running a Gurukul school and kind of teaching methodology based on ancient education system with incorporating with best use modern teaching aids. Presently 300 children are getting education and developing holistically is arts, culture and defense mechanism.
  • As part of Animal safari, we are having, Camel rides along with Horse riding. Presently 15 horses and 04 camels are being used for safari.
  • We are also promoting rural entrepreneurs in organic farming; we are having a unit of cow urine based Panchgavya unit.
  • For treating naturally, Siddhagiri Math is having a centre for naturopathy based on ayurveda knowledge.

     Fooding & Lodging:

  • To keep the health of people at higher stake we have fooding arrangement. In our kitchen we only cook organic foods which are produced from our KVK farm. As for beverage section we are having Milk of indigenous cow from our Goshala and different bi products made up of milk.
  • We have well equipped safe and comfortable rooms with AC and without AC rooms located naturally for stay.


Agro tourism is very important for rural communities as well as for urban areas. Agro-tourism centre at KVK would be able to fulfill the purpose of understanding about agriculture and keeping attach to the people to agriculture and natural resources use and conservation. This will also helps in depicting the farmer point of view to understand the farming in our area. This will promote the interest of other people to encourage the farming and providing platform to other farmers to develop this concept of agro- tourism for entrepreneurial options at farmers’ field. It can provide several options for income, employment, use accommodation, activities, natural resource conservation, recreation and education.

     Photos of Siddhagiri Museum:

     Siddhagiri Goshala:

     One Acre Organic Farming Learning Model:

     Prerna Park (light and fountain show):

     Siddhagiri Divine Garden:
     Siddhagiri Agro-tourism Centre/Garbh Sanskar Kendra:

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