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  Creating a knowledge repository on rearing of indigenous cows by scientific way to bring about increase in productivity in the existing farming system and conservation of indigenous breeds.


  Providing all sorts of information regarding indigenous cow breeds & motivating the farmers for rearing of indigenous breeds and increase population along with production and productivity.

Sr.No.Type of BreedsName of Breeds conserved and reared at our Goshala
1.Dairy BreedsGir
2.Dairy BreedsSahiwal
3.Dairy BreedsRathi
4.Dual Purpose BreedsDeoni
5.Dual Purpose BreedsKankrej
6.Dual Purpose BreedsKrishna Valley
7.Dual Purpose BreedsOngole
8.Dual Purpose BreedsTharparkar
9.Drought Purpose BreedsAmritmahal
10.Drought Purpose BreedsBargur
11.Drought Purpose BreedsDangi
12.Drought Purpose BreedsHallikar
13.Drought Purpose BreedsKangayam
14.Drought Purpose BreedsKhillari
15.Drought Purpose BreedsNimari
16.Drought Purpose BreedsRed Kandhari
17.Drought Purpose BreedsUmblacherry
18.Drought Purpose BreedsVechur
19.Drought Purpose BreedsPunganur
20.Local Indigenous BreedsJawari
21.Local Indigenous BreedsKajali Khillar
22.Local Indigenous BreedsKonkan Gidda

Type of Cattle Breeds

Name of BreedPhotographBreed GroupOriginBody HeightWeight (Avg Kg)Birth Weight (Avg Kg)Body ColourHornAge at First CalvingMilk yield per Lactation(kg)Average Milk FatSpecial Features
Gir Milch typeGujarat, India---Pure RedPeculiarly curved40-55 months2100 - 3300 kg.4.6 %Known for its tolerance to stress conditions. Capacity for yielding more milk with less feeding and is resistant to various tropical diseases.
SahiwalMilch typeIndia---Brownish Red Broad, lethargic30 - 43 months2725 - 3175 kg.4.0 - 6.0%Bullocks are useful for slow work. Best dairy breeds of India.
RathiMilch typeBikaner, Rajasthan115-125 cm295-42519Brown with white patches all over the bodyCurving outward, upward and inward46 months (Avg.)1560 kg (Avg.)3.5-4.0 %The breed is well adapted to desert conditions.
DeoniDual typeMaharashtra120-140 cm340-59023Black and whiteEmerge from the side of the poll behind and above the eyes in out ward and upward direction45 months (Avg.)868 kg (Avg.)4.5%-
KankrejDual typeGujarat125-160 cm340-52523Silver-grey to iron grey or steel greyStrong and curved outward and upward in a lyre shaped fashion47 months (Avg.)1700 kg (Avg.)4.0-5.0 %It is one of the heaviest Indian cattle breeds. This gait is called 1¼ paces (Swai chal)
Krishna ValleyDraught typeKarnataka125-145 cm325-55020Grey - whiteCurved and usually emerge in an outward direction from the outer angles of the poll curving slightly upward and inward46 months (Avg.)800-12004-4.5 %Mainly used for agricultural operations and occasionally used in transportation
OngleDual typeAndhra Pradesh95-110 cm135-14527Glossy white coatShort and stumpy, growing outward and backward from the outer angles of the poll45 months (Avg.)790 kg (Avg.)3.8%Hardiness, disease resistance and its capacity to thrive on scanty and dry fodder have been quite success.
TharparkarMilch typeIndia---White or light grey line along the spine in young animals.Slightly convex37.5 - 53.0 months1800 - 3500 kg.5.0 - 5.2 %Breeds are heat and drought tolerant. This breed was used for producing “Karan Fries” breed - a synthetic crossbred cattle breed at National Dairy Research institute (NDRI).
AmritmahalDraught typeBikaner, Karnataka125-132 cm300-50020Grey, but varies from white to almost blacklong emerge from the top of the poll fairly close together in backward and upward direction50 months (Avg.)570 kg (Avg.)4 %Famous draught breed known for its power and endurance. Animals are fiery and active
BargurDraught typeErode, Tamilnadu122-126 cm295-34018.5Brown colour with white markings Inclined backward, outward and upward with a forward curve; sharp at the tip40 months (Avg.)350 kg (Avg.)5.6 %Cattle of this breed are unsurpassed in speed and endurance in trotting.
DangiDual typeMaharashtra105-115 cm220-32018White coat colour with red or black spots distributed unevenly over the bodyshort (12-15 cm) and thick with lateral pointing tips inward and downward53 months (Avg.)430 kg (Avg.)4.5%Well known for their hardiness and excellent working qualities in heavy rainfall areas, rice fields and hilly tract.
HallikarDraught typeKarnataka125-135 cm220-34021Black and white, White markings or irregular patches round the eyes and cheeks, and neck or shoulder regionEmerge near to each other from top of poll and are carried upward and backward36 months (Avg.)550 kg (Avg.)5.5%Considered as one of the premier draft cattle breeds in India.
KangayamDraught typeKangayam taluk of Erode, Tamilnadu124-140 cm380-54021Grey or WhiteLong and strong, take backward, outward and upward sweep and then curving inward with tips40 months (Avg.)540 kg (Avg.)3.9 %Bullocks of this breed are preferred for transportation of sugarcane.
KhillariDraught typeMaharashtra125-135 cm210-23023Greyish-whiteLong and pointed and follow the backward curve of the forehead42 months (Avg.)450 kg (Avg.)4.25%Highly valued as fast powerful draught animals. They can travel miles without showing any signs of fatigue.
NimariDraught typeMadhya Pradesh115-130 cm340-39019Brownish red (Copper colour) and white giving spotted appearanceEmerge in a backward direction from the outer angles of the poll40 months760 kg (Avg.)4.9 %Mainly used for agricultural operations and occasionally used in transportation.
Red KandhariDraught typeMaharashtra115-130 cm340-43020Uniform deep dark redEvenly curved and medium sized35-40 months600 kg (Avg.)4.5 %Hardiness, disease resistance and its capacity to thrive on scanty and dry fodder have been quite success.
UmblacherryDraught typeTamilnadu100-115 cm220-30010-15GreySmall, thin curving forward and downward52 months (Avg.)500 kg4.5 -5%Draught animals developed for work in marshy paddy fields.
VechurDual typeKottayam, Kerala60-90 cm130-18010-11Light red, black or fawn and whiteSmall, thin curving forward and downward36 months (Avg.)500-600 kg.4.5 - 6.5%Extremely small sized animal with compact body.
PunganurDual typeAndhra Pradesh95-110 cm170-24012White, grey or light brown to dark brown or redCrescent shaped and often loose curving backward and forward37 months (Avg.)550 kg (Avg.)5%Small stature animal.
Kajali KhillarDraught typeMaharashtra125-135 cm210-23023Greyish-white-42 months (Avg.)450 kg (Avg.)4.25%Highly valued as fast powerful draught animals. They can travel miles without showing any signs of fatigue.
Konkan GiddaDual typeMaharashtra100-105 cm225-24014Coat colours, predominant being reddish brown followed by blackGenerally straight49 months (Avg.)450 kg (Avg.)4.55%Good draft ability suited to hilly terrain and hot and humid climate of its native tract and are significantly contributing to the livelihood of small and marginal farmers.

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