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On Farm Testing

  One of the major tasks of the KVK is to search for suitable solutions for solving the problems faced by the farmers in managing crops, etc. The problem may be either non-suitability of technology or in compatibility with a farming situation. The researcher has to find a way out to reduce the level of risk in the adoption of new techniques and make it a part of the existing farming environment. The solution should satisfy the farmer and improve his decision making ability for adopting a new technology / practice. KVK has organized several on-farm research activities for assessing and refining technologies suitable to a given micro-farming situation.

List of OFTs approved for Year: 2024
Sr.No.Crop/EnterpriseThematic Area Technology to be assessedCurrent Status
1.Sugarcane(Rabi)Varietal EvaluationTo assess the performance new varieties of sugarcane COVSI-18121, PDN-15012.-
2.Soybean(Kharif)Varietal EvaluationTo assess the performance of newly released varieties of soybean i.e KDS-992.-
3.Sugarcane(Rabi)Integrated Nutrient ManagementTo Study effect of application of 75 % RDF through drip and PSB 2.5 L+ Acetobacter 3 L pre ha on yield of pre-seasonal Sugarcane.-
4.Soybean(Kharif)Integrated Nutrient ManagementTo Study effect of 0.5 % Ferrous Sulphate & Zinc Sulphate as seed treatment with RDF on yield of Soybean.-
5.Okra(Rabi)Integrated Disease ManagementManagement of Yellow Vein Mosaic Disease of Okra.-
6.Groundnut(Rabi)Integrated Disease ManagementManagement of groundnut leaf spot disease through organic amendments.-
7.Cashew(Rabi)Integrated Pest ManagementManagement of Tea Mosquito Bug in Cashew.-
8.Sugarcane(Kharif)Integrated Pest ManagementManagement of Sugarcane Wooly Aphids with Agri -Drone Technology.-
9.Hormonal preparation (Kharif)Animal Health Care ManagementUse of hormonal preparations to regulate estrus in acyclic cattle.-
10.Pro-biotic supplement (Rabi)Animal Nutrition ManagementUse of Pro-biotic supplement.-
11.Groundnut Stripper(Kharif)Drudgery ReductionAssessment of Improved Groundnut stripper for stripping groundnut pods.-
12.Nipping Machine(Rabi)Drudgery ReductionAssessment of solar operated nipping (green foliage collector) machine for chickpea.-

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